How to Use

How to use

In the morning:

  • Use the cleanser
  • Apply the brightening cream
  • Apply a thin layer of GlycoPeel lotion.
  • Follow with the moisture suncreen.

In the evening:

  • Cleanser
  • Brightening Cream

Step 1 is the Active Prep Cleanser - an advanced antioxidant cleanser that primes the skin for the delivery of the peptide.

Step 2 is the Lumixyl Creme- it features a proprietary peptide (Decapeptide-12), not found in any other product, that has been shown to effectively prevent the production of pigment without the risks of irritation.

Step 3 is the GlycoPeel 20 Lotion - a concentrated glycolic peel that kick starts your brightening regimen by helping to remove visible discoloration thus expediting reduction in pigment beneath the skin’s surface. By promoting cell turnover, GlycoPeel 20 also targets acne lesions. This is where the “phases” come in–phase #1 you are to use this once in the AM every other day, phase #2 you are to use it every day in the AM, phase #3 use every morning and every other night, phase #4 use every morning and every night. Each phase lasts for two weeks.

Step 4 is the Moisture Lock Sunscreen - a micronized physical sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection that also restores moisture to the skin.

Each of these products was specifically developed to work synergistically to inhibit the overproduction of melanin, remove hyperpigmented layers of skin and accelerate results in as little as eight weeks. You must practice sun avoidance and use a high SPF sunscreen while using the system.