How to Use

The SilDerm™-Celfix Anti-Ageing range contains three products which together or separately will work to improve the overall quality of the skin and help repair and protect ageing skin.

Youth Recovery™

Contains three enzymes (Micrococcus lutes, Arabidopsis thaliana, Anacystis nidulans). All have been proven to improve the damage done by the sun.

Over 12 weeks there should be a more than 70% reduction in sun spots. To use cleanse skin and apply one metered dose twice daily.

iQuad Infusion™

Contains a combination of peptides that have been shown to provide eye protection and improvement by reducing wrinkles by 45% in 8 weeks and reduce dark circles by 19% over 8 weeks.

Use once or twice daily, apply one metered dose to clean skin by dabbing gently to delicate under-eye area. Follow with sunscreen after morning application.

SilDerm™-Celfix™ Ceramide Renewal™ Nourishing Cream

CELFIX DNA Ceramide Renewal Nourishing Cream is a moisturizing supplement to your daily skincare regimen.

Apply one metered dose to affected areas after cleansing. Can be used within any skin regimen. Effective skin care regimens always include sunscreen application in the morning.