Frequently Asked Questions

How can you claim to repair damaged DNA?
CELFIX does not claim to, or repair damage. It simply utilizes enzymes that attach themselves to the damaged DNA rung, which then sends a signal to the cell to repair itself.
We already have a line of products, what is it about your brand that makes you different?
CELFIX utilizes a cutting edge technology that addresses the aging skin problems at the source, where it begins in the nucleus of the cell, at the DNA level. CELFIX works synergistically with all skin care brands, simply add CELFIX after you cleanse and continue with your current regimen.
What skin types can use CELFIX?
All skin types can use, and should use CELFIX brand products. CELFIX products are formulated to work with all skin types and should be applied at least once or twice daily after cleansing.
Why should we purchase CELFIX?
If you are concerned about overall skin health, you need to add CELFIX to your regimen. Everyone has damaged skin cells, which ultimately come to the surface in the form of different blemishes. CELFIX attacks the damage at the source before it has the ability to reach the surface of the skin. Protect your skin care investment…use CELFIX.
How do you compare to growth factors to CELFIX?
CELFIX is not a growth factor. Growth factors help your body grow new skin cells. In case those skin cells are damaged, CELFIX utilizes enzymes that attack the damage at the source. If you are currently using a growth factor, CELFIX is the perfect combination therapy. CELFIX helps to restore the healthy cell.
At what age should we start using CELFIX?
CELFIX should be used by anyone concerned about the damaging effects of UV on the skin.
Does CELFIX treat fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, etc?
Yes fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and age spots among other things are a direct result of UV damage. Treating UV damage at the source (at the DNA level) will have positive effects on aging skin by reducing the amount of damage that reaches the surface of your skin.
Can CELFIX be used after laser treatments?
As with any type of laser treatment, as long as the skin is not compromised (non-ablative), CELFIX can and should be used especially because most laser treatments are damaging the skin to some extent, and CELFIX will help to restore the damage quicker than normal.
How long will one bottle of DNA Youth Recovery last?
Typically one bottle will last a patient 4 to 6 weeks if used on the face only.
What is "photo-damage?"
Photo-damage to the skin is caused by exposure to harmful ultra-violet light. Photo-damage can be either acute, as in sunburn, or more commonly, chronic, due to gradual changes in the skin caused by an accumulation of sun exposure throughout one's life. Sun exposure is by far the most influential environmental factor that affects aging of the skin.
When should I use Celfix in my daily skin care routine?
CELFIX should be used after cleansing the skin morning and night for optimal results.
How do I apply Celfix?
A single, pearl-sized pump twice daily for the DNA Youth Recovery and DNA Ceramide Renewal. For iQuad Infusion, a single half pump once or twice daily.
What are DNA repair enzymes?
DNA repair enzymes are naturally occurring marine microbes that mimic the body’s natural response to repair damaged DNA.
What is special about DNA iQuad infusion?
iQuad infusion utilizes powerful peptides, to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. It also has powerful antioxidants to absorb free radical damage and help prevent future aging signs. It also utilizes ingredients that help to remove the dark circles, as well as DNA repair enzymes. iQuad Infusion is a treatment for overall eye care.